Alzheimer’s Advocate

Providing Help for Caregivers and Patients

Choice is a wonderful thing unless you feel that you have no options. You do not have a choice about Alzheimer’s disease but, you do have a choice about how you respond to the challenges the disease presents. When it comes to how one can manage quality of life, for both the caregiver and the one afflicted with the disease, there are a lot of choices. In fact, the choice is yours; you can proceed with pain or with pleasure.

Currently Jo provides speaking, consulting and training for Alzheimer’s Caregiver Institute. The plans for the institute are impressive and ultimately it will be a full training institute for anyone who comes into contact with a person with a dementia related disability. It will be a retreat center for caregivers to rest and to learn how to enjoy their time together with a person with Alzheimer’s or a related disorder.


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