Church Seminars

The statistics for caregivers and their subsequent health problems are alarming. Caregivers need assistance and they often turn to their church for help and assistance. However, with declining numbers of volunteers and lowered church attendance the Church hasn’t been able to provide many of the services that the community needs. Also, up to this time, the churches have not been skilled at teaching and caring for persons with dementia. Many churches are now interested in learning how to care for the elderly and persons with dementia and have begun to seek training for their members. We now have pilot programs underway to teach these skills to church staff and volunteers.

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  1. Mirian says:

    I have been looking into the mifildend that is church worship and the relation of copyright on songs. At present it is clear that many churches are failing in the copyright laws that govern performancers and writers of music/songs. I am at present puting together a youth chorus book (just lyrics not sheet music) for the church in the UK and finding it really diffecult to get the license right that I need to produce the book (never mind the linces rights for people that will sing it). I also came across this comment/law regarding performaces of church songsRobert Nieves, marketing administrator for BMI, the Copyright Law makes provisions for the exemption of churches for public performances of music in the course of religious services at a place of worship.’ Any sugestions?

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